The street breathes easy

In the dead of night, The street breathes easy. The wind knows where you’ve been, Pulls you all the way back in.   Street lamps and whiskers, Stick to corners side by side,… Continue reading


I feel uncomfortable in my own mind, Like the straps are too tight, So that they dig in, Not painful enough so as to cry all the time, But enough to bother me,… Continue reading

Mortemus’ Circus

“Another coin for the merry-go-round?” asked the man, drumming his long, yellow fingernails on the wooden counter between him and the little girl. His smile was a couple of molars short and his… Continue reading


It’s the year 2800, population: 25 billion. With that many people everybody’s only out for themselves, just trying to get into school and get a good job so that maybe one day they… Continue reading

This is The Rest of Your Life

  You’re eight years old and you throw yourself off the fifth step onto the playground – your first taste of adrenaline. Those moments flying through the air before your feet smack against… Continue reading


There is so much in the world you don’t know and so many perspectives you will never get to experience. There is more evidence than you could ever conceive for all sorts of ideas you… Continue reading

You used to be alright, what happened… ecetera ecetera

  There’s only so many times you can wake up miserable before you start doubting whether it’s worth waking up at all. I eat my breakfast; I go to school; I come home;… Continue reading

Rock Bottom

Back in a hole again And the sky looks far away again, And if you were to demand A kind and helping hand Well you’ll learn the cold walls this time Are your… Continue reading

The House Always wins

When he looked into my eyes all the pain from my childhood became nothing more than sad poetry in my mind and every bad thing I’d ever heard sounded like misunderstood jokes on… Continue reading

Ghost train

  You’re on the ghost train, You’re going insane; Relax, Or you’ll fall off the tracks. People will get hurt trying to help, Keep your hands and feet inside the rails, At all… Continue reading

You’re going mad

You’re seeing things that aren’t there, And you pretend not to care. You’re going mad- Or maybe you’ve always been mad, You just only noticed When things started going bad. But think back… Continue reading

Can you feel the world slipping? Or are you just tripping

Beauty behold, Let the colours unfold, You are the perceiver and The world is your light show; Dance out the way of the shadows, And drown your fluorescent reality. Is this fucked up,… Continue reading

Take his hand

Little hoods and climbing frames, Soft touch of a razorblade; He wants to take the pain away So take his hand and let him.   Daddy says and mumma won’t, Boyfriend drunk and… Continue reading

The Water’s Clear and Innocent

I stared peacefully at the dark waters below me. I’ve always loved water: the way you can submerge yourself in it entirely; the way it reflects the sky like a giant lonesome mirror… Continue reading

Nothing really matters in the grand scheme of things, but then again; the grand scheme of things doesn’t really matter to me either

I woke up this morning and I wanted to destroy everything. Making the walk into school didn’t even occur to me, all I could think about was my bed and how wonderful it… Continue reading

When this party’s over, it will start again, It will not be any different, it will be exactly the same

Melissa was like me, but better; firstly because she wouldn’t say a pathetic, needy thing like that. Secondly, she thought the same things about the world as I did, only she didn’t deal… Continue reading

Lost inside the dream, teenage machines

Dave, with the long hair and the five-stringed guitar always seem to sit on his own in the common room. He’d walk in with no folders and one earphone in, as if he… Continue reading


Just don’t make eye contact, I tell myself. If you don’t make eye contact no one will set next to you. I know it sounds like I’m an anti-social bastard but that’s just… Continue reading

And I am not frightened of dying, any time will do, I don’t mind.

A thin light cut through the crack. The room was cold and dark, with thick stone bricks lining the wet walls. Someone was in the room but her face was hidden. Her reason… Continue reading


Watch out watch out, They’ll come in at night, With their stats and their cards And a briefcase in each hand. With their rollups and their false smiles, A lie in each eye… Continue reading

No Hope.. Before.. Destruction

I’m losing my hair at the same rate I am losing interest in things that used to entertain. The parallels between the body and mind as they simultaneously fall apart are irrefutable. The… Continue reading

Where is my mind?

Some of my thoughts this evening. I think when it comes down to it, people think the weird ones at my school are the girls that don’t wear the same clothes as everyone… Continue reading

So please put your sweet hand in mine, And float in space, And drift in time, All my time until I die

And in that moment nothing really mattered but that urge I had right there and then, to let go and just dance. It was late and there was no one around but the… Continue reading

Everybody’s talking about the stormy weather, you’re never gonna stop all the teenage leather and booze

I could barely move with all the sweaty bodies that were pressed up against me. My feet were barely touching the ground as I was violently swept away by a wave of out-stretched… Continue reading


There were metal butterflies everywhere, with titanium wings and iron eyes. The ground was brown and stale; each step would stain a business man’s shoe with dark water. There was chaos: The pipes… Continue reading

Grandma take me home

For Christmas this year all I want is the novelty of childhood wrapped up in a brightly coloured box with ribbons and wraps of sticky tape. I want all the lies I’ve ever… Continue reading